21 Fantastical Festival Headdresses

27 Nov, 2021 | Festival Style

21 Fantastical Festival Headdresses & Spectacular Headpieces

Stand out from the festival crowd with one of our selection of glorious festival headdresses… headwear is not just a way to express yourself whilst wearing your favourite festival outfit but, from experience, a statement festival headpiece can also be a great aid to being found in a busy crowd by all your friends!

Spectacular Festival Headdresses
by Independent Festival-wear Designers

These fabulous handmade headdresses are fit for the couture catwalk to the festival field with beautifully handcrafted details adorning every headpiece. Many are completely bespoke and made to order with prices that reflect the makers’ time and skill but we’ve tried to include a wide variety of festival headdresses to suit all styles and budgets.

From floral crowns to feather headdresses and futuristic festival headpieces, these spectacular pieces from some of the best festival wear designers take inspiration from everything from nature and fairytales to magic and space! Click the links to shop and find out more details – all links will take you to small businesses selling on Etsy.

Futuristic and Fun Festival Headpieces

Make your space babe dreams come true in this disco headpiece

Never get lost on the dancefloor with this fold-away Rainbow Halo Headpiece by Ciara Monaghan.

All the 1920’s glam vibes with this statement turquoise star headband featuring a dramatic swoop of vintage chain,

Hapuska are one of my favourite headwear designers – this Verity Flower Crown features carefully crafted coloured leather with huge metallic tassels.

This avant-garde beaded face headpiece is in the signature style of festival-wear designer Fizzy Fingers.

Gold festival crown

Feel like a celestial goddess in this floral gold crown headdress featuring a star silhouette and ornate golden roses.

Simple but effective, this Multicoloured Carnival Crown is gorgeous for any festival!

neon festival fascinator

Feel fully futuristic in this creative neon fascinator… head to the JCN fascinators shop for more colour choices!

Perspex festival headpiece

This delicate perspex headpiece by Kokomo design comes in two different colourways… grab the matching perspex top for the full look!

Head here for more Rainbow themed Pride and Festival Outfit Inspiration.

Floral Festival Headdresses

The fairytale stylings of Fumbalina are amongst some of my favourites in the headdress world – this enchanted garden even features a watering can!

floral festival flower crown

Live your psychedelic Midsommar dreams with this folk-arty floral crown – I love the rainbow ribbon detail at the back.

Lulu Joelle‘s use of bright dried flowers makes the most striking but natural festival headpiece.

christmas bauble disco headpiece

Get looking festive with this Glitter Bauble headband by Sticky Pinz shop adorned with delicate gold butterflies.

enchanted butterfly headdress

This stunning lilac butterfly headpiece by Bombini Studio is straight out of a fairy tale forest!

This leafy creation is a woodland fairy’s dream! Click through to the item to see the full extent of this garden extravaganza.

These would make great Gifts for Festival Lovers! Find 50+ more ideas here.

Feathered Festival Headdresses

Dripping with diamantes, bring out your inner showgirl self in this striking pink and white mohawk headpiece by Feathers & Thread.

lime green festival headdress

Turn heads in this Zingy lime feather headpiece by Bristol-based festival wear creator Zoe Zedhead.

An incredibly detailed floating feather halo style headpiece that comes in customisable colours; It’s well worth looking through Luna Blue’s full shop to see some incredible creations.

feather festival headdress

Make a statement in this glorious orange and lilac number by the Disco Spirits; fit for any parade!

Keep it tropical in this simple Colourful feather headband with a decorative trim and secure elastic back.

statement peacock festival headdress

This opulent green peacock feather headpiece by Feathers & Thread is the definition of a showstopper!

These festival headdresses would make great Gifts for Festival Lovers! Find 50+ more ideas here.

Pom-pom Party Headpieces

This technicolour festival crown is a crafty explosion of glitter, pipe cleaners and pom-poms!

This porange (pink and orange!) creation might be my headdress of dreams – what’s better is that the colours are fully customisable by Luna Blue.

Get your chunky pom-pom fix with this giant multicolour and tinsel pom-pom headband by pom-pom queen Fat Pom Poms.

A note on cultural appropriation: You might already be familiar with the conversation around the wearing of headpieces in the style of Indigenous American feather headdresses or ‘war bonnets’, many festivals have already made the move to ban their traders from selling them – but why is it offensive?
“Cultural appropriation is when members of a dominant culture pick and choose elements of another culture to enjoy or exploit from people who have been systematically oppressed by that same dominant group.” (Shambala) Simply put, these headpieces are of deep cultural significance to the communities that they come from, and should not be ‘borrowed’ as fancy dress. Read more discussion on the subject here and steer away from replica or mock headpieces in this style – someone’s culture is not our costume.

Tips for wearing festival headdresses:

I wear a lot of what I would call professional level sized headgear at festivals (haha!) and sometimes it’s quite a commitment to venture out onto the dancefloors fully adorned like a Christmas tree, take heed of some of my top tips to make the most out of your headpiece…

  • If you’re wearing a heavy or large and unsecure headpiece do a bit of a dance test with it before going out… you don’t want it to impede your adventures! Consider securing it around the back of your head with some extra ribbon or elastic, adding in some kirby grips or fixing it into your hair.
  • For some added pizzaz, delicate battery powered fairy lights are easy to wrap into headdresses and mean that your accessory will look as fabulous at night as it does in the day! Tuck the battery pack into a bra or a back pocket and hey presto.
  • Watch out for your fellow dancers if you’re weating anything particularly extravagant.. I have been known to poke people in the eye before!!

Which of these festival headpieces is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below…

Pin this fabulous festival headgear inspiration for later…

Disclaimer: Most of the links in this post are affiliate links! This means I might get a very small percentage if you purchase something – this comes from Etsy and doesn’t cost you or the individual seller anything but it does help me to afford to run this site. Thank you for your support!


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