The Most Fun & Fashionable Face Masks from Festival Wear Designers [Updated June 2020]

28 Apr, 2020 | Style

Fun & fashionable face masks have long been a festival style staple for all the rave gang over in the States and elsewhere… So I thought in these current ‘strange & uncertain times’ it might be fun to do a round-up of some designers who are making fun & stylish masks which you can use now. Then, when this craziness is all over you’ve got something to style out on the playa anyway, right?!

First thing first; none of these masks are medical grade in order to give you full protection from the virus. The general public who are not keyworkers has been encouraged NOT to buy up the dwindling stock of medical-grade masks as they are needed for the NHS (see here). However, the CDC does recommend wearing cloth masks in public settings. Find all FAQ’s about wearing cloth face coverings from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention here.

Fun & Fashionable Face Masks by festival wear designers

Quarantine in style amirite? My mask above is made from fabric scraps by my favourite bumbag designer Beksie’s Boutique. Buying these face masks is a great way to support the independent and ethical festival fashion brands that you love whilst there are no festivals for them to sell their clothes for!

Additionally, making them is a great way for makers to use up scraps of their fabrics which reduces waste, so it’s sustainable too. After this is all over you can use your mask as a dust mask or accessory at your favourite festivals… whenever that will be!

The most Fabulous, Fantastical, Fun & Fashionable Face Masks…!

01 : Pretty Patterned Face Masks from L.O.M

L.O.M have brought out some very cute dust masks in all of their super colourful signature prints.

02 : Rainbow Reflective Face Masks from Jazzy Garms

I love these fabrics! This one has big cats on but there’s also tiger print and a mushroom print, see the range of masks here. You could even get a cute two-piece to match!

03 : Holographic Rhinestone Face Mask

I mean you don’t get much more bougie than a designer rhinestone studded face mask do you? You’ll make a splash at the corner shop in this one for sure! The designer Lux 1991 also does plain black masks with patches on too.

04 : Pink Face Mask from Glitter Romance

Glitter Romance is an independent festival wear label based in Wales and they don’t just have this cute shimmery pink flu mask, but they have them in a whole range of colours and prints, check out their range of striking facial coverings here.

05 : Gold Glitter Mask

Gold! This super glittery gold mask from Neres Crafts has a pocket to add your own filter and has loads of other colour options.

06 : Reversible Flamingo and Cat Print Mask

This mask not only looks like a great fit but also has two prints depending on your mood! The seller has heaps more loud prints in her shop so check them out if you’re into a bit of colour & animal print.

07 : Mermaid Sequin Face Mask

I love this mermaid effect sequin mask, super cute isn’t it?

L.O.M masks | Jazzy Garms Masks | Glitter Romance Mask

Even More Beautiful & Handmade Masks…

A new updated selection of handpicked masks from independent sellers across Etsy, made from artisanal fabrics and techniques from across the globe, there’s a face mask for every occasion in this selection! Click the number buttons to head straight to shop or read on for more descriptions & choices.

01 : Black and White Print Mask

02 : Frieda Kahlo watercolour effect Mask

03 : Cotton & Silk Spot Print Mask

04 : Peach Embroidered & Beaded Mask

I’m obsessed with this peach mask with its opulent embroidered beading detail as well as the rest of Katthi Metti London’s designs. The floral orange silk design is also so beautiful.

05 : Indian Block Print Fabric Mask

These sweet masks from Pretty Kitsch Studio are made from gorgeous Indian block printed cotton in striking pastel colours. They’ve also got simple linen face masks, some more elaborate indian embroidered masks and some in classic Liberty prints.

06 : How cute is this little embroidered cat face mask!?

07 : Geometric Patten Face Mask

This pink geometric pattern face mask from the Whimsical Studio is made from 100% cotton, they’ve got heaps of other prints in stock if you want a soft, low key but fun face mask.

08 : Mexican Embroidered Face Mask

Display your love of global textiles proudly on your face with this beautiful Mexican Embroidery Face Mask, Discover Mas has lots of other artisanal Mexican masks for sale in their shop, including embroidered floral mask designs and face covers inspired by Mexican wrestling masks!

Want to Help Make PPE for the NHS?

Here are a few organisations organising volunteers to catch up with the shortage of protective wear for NHS workers in the UK, let me know in the comments if I’ve missed any you’d like me to add!

  • Foldall Face Shields are a company make face shields for NHS frontline workers with a small army of volunteers.
  • Scrub Hub is a UK wide network of community groups making scrubs for the NHS. You can see a directory of regional volunteer hubs on their site. Their Bristol division has enough volunteers but is raising money for the materials here.


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