Goodbye Festival Season… my top 10 moments of Summer 2017!

4 Oct, 2017 | Festivals

I’m back in Bristol picking the very last bits of mud and glitter out of my clothes, wondering when it suddenly became Autumn and finishing the mammoth task of approximately a billion blog posts that haven’t made it past the draft folder because I was too busy frolicking in fields to write any of them…

It has been another great festival season. I did ten in total this summer, so actually a couple less than usual!

I worked on the PR and marketing teams for two, had a stall at three, and was lucky enough to go as a guest to another five… I had some sad camera malfunctions over a solid month of my summer so some festivals haven’t been covered for the blog – but there are still plenty of posts to come!

See which festivals I hit up this year in my ‘Essential Festivals Summer 2017 Guide’.

Here were my Top 10 festival season highlights in no particular order…

○ Saying goodbye to Secret Garden Party! I wrote a post about what you should do at the Last Ever Secret Garden Party it before I went… some photos from that mad weekend are coming soon… all the moments I couldn’t get photos of were probably better though!

2 ○ Shambala with the Fashpack was glorious, maybe even the best yet… the sunniest, sparkliest weekend in Cloud Cuckoo Land ever.

○ Painting and sparkling up all of the faces with The Fashpack at Love Saves the Day, Shambala & Bestival.

○ Not working at Glastonbury for the first time in aaaages was pretty special – it’s not gonna be on next summer so who knows what’s on the cards?!

Read a post from the archives ‘My Love Affair with Glastonbury Festival’

5   Meadows in the Mountains brought something fresh and unreal to my festival season yet again. Working with that team is an absolute dream and there is literally nothing you can compare to being in the remote Bulgarian mountains for a festival – how’s that for a sunrise…

6 ○ Mum & Dad fest… I went to three festivals with my parents this year!? Glastonbury & Wonder Fields with both of them and just my mum to Port Eliot. My mum even had a festival-themed birthday party a couple of weekends ago – that sort of counts right?

7 ○ Curveball here and not technically a festival but… Guns ‘n’ Roses at the Olympic Stadium in June was hands down the best night of my year! \m/

8 ○ Took over the Wild Thing Instagram when I returned to the lovely little Wonder Fields festival in Devon in July…

9 ○ Battling the conditions for a surprisingly marvelous & colourful Bestival!

10 ○ Dulcie’s Feathers on tour! My clothes went to more festivals than me this summer and were sold on my friends’ stalls at Noisily, Leopalooza and Wilderness to name but a few

11 ○ Aaaand working at Boomtown again and subsequently getting my dream job working for them all year round! Watch the after-film below if you want to have an idea of just how exciting this is…

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