Ramblings 02: Settling into Country Life

3 Dec, 2020 | Life

Ramblings is a regular(ish) life update from me, Dulcie – the person behind That Festival Life. Expect to hear all my non-festival musings as well as assorted favourite things, from food to fashion. Read #1 here.

So, big life news, I’ve moved home to Devon for Lockdown 2.0. Lamentedly I’ve crossed off the flight to Thailand that was in my diary for 14.05 this Friday because I’m not going anywhere far from here any time soon. 

Moving home definitely makes me feel as if I’ve regressed substantially… I haven’t lived here since I was nineteen and for a few of those initial uni years, I only came back once a year! Somehow (though I’m not sure how, and time feels like a myth) it’s now eight years on and I’m 27. I’m sure at 19 I thought that a 27-year-old was a fully grown adult and considering that when my parents were this age I was a toddler and they’d been married for 6 years already, maybe it is a full adult? I certainly don’t feel like one… but then again maybe that’s the secret, maybe no one ever does?

Anyway! I digress. I’ve moved home and despite the ever-looming consciousness of this perhaps not being what I’m ‘supposed’ to be doing as I approach 30, I am very grateful to have been able to have a home with space for me and parents that will tolerate me – even if they’re still in denial of quite how long I plan to stay! If age (and a global crisis and countrywide enforced lockdown) has brought me anything it is definitely an increased awareness of how beautiful this part of the world is and a heightened appreciation of creature comforts like my cats (there are four here!) a roaring fire and a well-stocked bookshelf. Yes, I did say 27, not 67. 

I’ll always love Bristol – although I’m still not sure when I’ll be back; whether that will be in a couple of months or a few years it really depends on what the ever-mysterious 2021 calendar holds. I lived there for 8 years and my Bristol meant cafe culture, club nights, silly early mornings at The Best buying weird liquor to make cocktails, Jeff the Big Issue seller giving me a hug on the way to work. The smell of Waterstones in The Galleries shopping centre – my strange refuge in any stressful times. Festivals all summer; where you can always find lifts from strangers ’cause half of the city is going with you. The swirling mixes of friendship groups and the spiderweb network of connections, usually split by which club nights you went to… and crossing from born and bred Bristolians to people who came for uni and never left to newer imports.  Jumble sales on a Saturday afternoon with a hangover, spending all our takings on a sarnie from Emmeline, a Bloody Mary and some more clothes. The horror of student season starting again when you forgot how lovely and quiet it actually was in the summer, football training on a Friday night and Sunday Roast politics.

A lot of what I love about Bristol doesn’t exist in Covid times and although this summer showed me another side to the city that I loved – its time for me to have a change! I’ve moved around a lot in my life, so I had been getting the familiar itchy feet for a long while… it’s the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere so it Bristol will always be home and I’m so grateful to the city and its people and culture.

Lady Jane Sequins Launch

As well as my work for Boomtown Fair as their Digital Comms Manager I also do some freelance work helping small businesses with their marketing and digital strategy. On Black Friday (as a sort of anti-black Friday move) we finally launched the wonderful Lady Jane Sequins’ first ever website!

I first met Jane as a fellow festival trader, and if you believe the way that she tells it, I marched up to her and said “Love your clothes but your social media is s***” – haha! After seeing big brands getting massive recognition after unwittingly ripping off designs originally conceived by Jane I was pretty frustrated (not that she was bothered) so I chased her all the way to a remote Thai beach so that I could nag her some more about her digital presence… and she finally let me do something about it!

Chris from Hey! What? helped us out with some beautiful brand guidelines and I built Jane a new shop. We worked hard over the weeks in the run-up to the launch to create content that gave our social channels a more cohesive feel and clearly communicated the story and ethics behind the brand as well as growing an incentivised mailing list before launch.

Get following her on @ladyjanesequins and join her mailing list for a 10% discount!

p.s If you’re a small business who needs some help on their digitals, do get in touch with me on dulcie.hello@gmail.com

These are a few of my favourite things; a round-up of my recommendations of things that I’ve been listening to, reading, watching, eating or lusting over this month.

I’ve Been Reading:

“Who Would Tavi Gevinson Be Without Instagram” a really thought-provoking article by the Rookie Mag founder and early blogging darling Tavi Gevinson about growing up online and the dark psychological impacts of Instagram. I had to turn my phone onto aeroplane mode to get through this long-read which says something in itself about the internet’s effect on our attention spans already!

I always say that I grew up alongside the internet – I’m the perfect age to be one of the first generation who had social media as a child and experienced its infancy alongside my childhood and matured as it did – from Neopets at aged eight to Bebo at twelve, through to MySpace in my early teens and Facebook and Instagram as I emerged into adulthood. I’ve always been grateful for the skills that being a long time internet fan has given me – but I do wonder what my life without it would have been like and I definitely worry about the future of generations who don’t know a world without it and with things changing so quickly where we’ll even be in a year.

I’ve been Loving:

The beautiful Weird Walk zines (and their fantastic accompanying stickers) which are an exploration into British landscape and its lore. One of the issues I bought had a feature on the amazing Boss Morris (pictured above) who are a ‘prog Morris’ group who perform at Glastonbury, Greenman and more, with the psychedelic costumes to match.

I’ve been Listening to:

So I might be out of Bristol now but after years of campaigning to get an FM licence and further time actually setting it all up, SWU.fm has finally come to our airwaves! I’ve been listening to their schedule digitally; I love the Felix Joy breakfast show, my pal Adams show Party Response and of course the monthly Radio Boomtown show… It’s almost like being out eh? 

I’ve been moving:

I’ve been getting on with Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 Days of Yoga with my dad! I’m hoping to get to some of my girl Katy’s classes in real life when lockdown is over too, if you’re Devon-based check her out at Rise Yoga.

I’ve been creating:

The wonderful Zeena and Talli brought back their #InstaRainbowChallenge for Lockdown 2 so I spent another week prancing around and being inventive with all the colours in my wardrobe… you can see them on my instagram here.

I’ve been writing:

I’ve been slowly but surely updating my Gift Guide for Festival Goers in time for Christmas so that it has heaps and heaps of present ideas for all of the festivals lovers in your life, from as many independent makers as possible! Go and check it out.


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