6 Amazing Glitter Artists to find at a Festival

30 Jun, 2017 | Festival Beauty, Popular

Glitter glitter glitter – is it just me or have the internet, festivals & the world gone absolutely glitter mad over the last year? I’ve spent four years professionally decorating peoples faces at festivals and events since Secret Garden Party back in 2014. That year there were only a couple of different stalls doing it and we were hunting the depths of the internet for our stock… Since then it has exploded with a plethora of specialist shops online and even high-street shops stocking the most sparkly blends as well as more fads, from glitter roots to glitter butts, than you can shake your glitter brush at!

6 amazing glitter artists to find at a festival this summer

Me painting at Lovebox with Miss Lippy in 2015.

Gone are the times when you were the most (or least) popular person on the campsite for having a bit of the sparkly stuff to spread around. It’s no longer just a case of popping a bit of vaseline and some cheap craft glitter in your pocket… sparkle standards are high with only iridescent glitter and shards in different textures, metallic tattoos and a plethora of otherworldly gems being used to make the look this season.

How to do glitter face paint at festivals SGP

‘Shiny Happy People’ at Secret Garden Party in 2014

If you want someone to do the hard work for you then I’ve got you covered, here are a selection of some of my favourite festival glitter artists…  look out for them in the fields this festival season.

Amazing festival glitter looks to try

All the artists who created these looks can be found in my round-up below!

The Most Inspiring Festival Glitter Artists


Original glitter badman Helen Sian Lewis and her crew of artists have been doing festival glitter since the very beginning! You can spot her trademark glitter paint splash style from a mile off. You may have visited her in the Boo-dior at Glastonbury or Love Saves the Day but look out for her at Secret Garden Party & Shambala too.

The Kaleidoscope Klub

My friend Terri and her mega-talented gang. They favour bright neon colour pops for a fresh glitter look, they’ve even recently gone eco & vegan friendly and are only using biodegradable, cruelty-free stuff from now on.

In Your Dreams

Bindi queens, In Your Dreams, started at festivals and across Ibiza with their distinctive style paint and bindi style and have now grown into a huge beauty brand specialising in bringing that festival style to your own make-up bag! Look out for their luxo parlour at festivals this summer for face embellishments galore.

Miss Lippy

I’ve worked with these wonderful ladies over a number of events – bringing my trademark turquoise glitter eyebrows to the party. Find them at lovebox, wireless, or deep in the labyrinth at Secret Garden Party… just look for the lips!

Shine Shack

I first spotted these chicks at the Burnt Soul end of season pop up last year and got some SERIOUS gem envy, as well as doing make-up themselves they have a shop where they sell their divine glitter mixes by the pot.

The Fashpack

My main gang… The Fashpack is run by Joh and Amy who have been painting and glittering at festivals like Shambala and across Bristol club nights for years. We’ll do everything from the most ornate face paint to the silliest of glitter ‘taches find our emporium at Shambala next month!

Check out some of the faces I did with Joh at the FESTJUMBLE market.

Did I miss anyone?

Who are your favourite glitterers and who have you checked out this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

where to get your festival glitter done this summer


  1. Nats

    How much do the glitter artists charge at festivals? Trying to work out whether it’s cheaper to do it myself or not.

  2. Ruth Clayden

    Are thier any glitter artist that take experience glitter artist for volenteers a festivals x

  3. Keely Mangham

    The Glitteratii London


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