Year of colour. Costume inspiration for Bestival ’17.

Tomorrow I’m off to Bestival which for me means one thing… It’s nearly the end of festival season! This year Bestival marks the last stop on my whirlwind summer tour & hopefully we’ll be going out with a bang 💥

Bestival are pretty keen on their dress up so it thought I’d do a little costume inspiration post like i did for Shambala a few weeks ago… This year’s theme is The Year of Colour which again, like all good themes, is totally up to your interpretation… To me it means sparkly rainbows and making a statement!

I’ve had another busy summer and Bestival will be festival #9 for me (which compared to previous years is actually is pretty tame) but this means that I’ve still got lots of festival round-up posts to catch up on when my life is a little less hectic… AKA when I’m not in a field every weekend!

But to whet your appetite I thought that I’d give you a little on-theme rainbow flavoured taster of what to expect from my coming festival posts…

Love Saves the Day festival ball pit by Love Saves the Day

Avin a larf in Twisted Theatre’s ball pit area at Love Saves the Day

Petar matching himself perfectly to the Love Bus at (the last ever) Secret Garden Party in a glorious Fuud two piece!

Weather themed family fancy dress at shambala festival

The most amazing cloud / rainbow / sunshine family at Shambala! Taking the Cloud Cuckoo Theme to the next level….!

My moodboard this time is mainly brought to you by rainbow sequins galore, courtesy of the likes of Lady Jane Sequins, Shop Easy Tiger, In Your Dreams & Ashish.

Find all of the photo sources and more colourful inspiration on my pinterest board.

Multi-colour rainbow festival costume fancy dress colourful sequin fashion inspiration and ideas

You’ll be able to find me at Bestival this weekend in the Dress Up Tent dishing out high grade face paint and spangletastic accessories – come and say hello!

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