About That Festival Life

A Worldwide Music Festival Blog

That Festival Life aims to bring you the best festival inspiration from around the world, practical tips and advice as well as festival-related style, culture and travel.

We believe that experiencing and participating in festivals can be one of life’s greatest joys. We’re here to bring you news from some of the best transformational and music festivals from around the globe as well as practical festival advice and a solid smattering of sparkly festival style inspiration too! 

If you love frolicking in fields, travelling to festival adventures, dancing through the night to live music, meeting new people or expressing yourself through fabulous outfits then you’ve come to the right place. 

Who am I?

I’m Dulcie, a Journalism & English grad who now works in digital communications for one of the largest independent festivals in the UK. I live in the South West of England but I spend my summers in muddy fields and my winters preferably somewhere a bit more tropical. 

I’ve been blogging in some form or other since 2009 (!) and as someone who loved the blogging scene of the early 2010s but was also an absolute festival fanatic, I noticed there was a real gap for a more festival specific website that pulled in the worlds of festival culture and style with first-hand accounts, tips and beautiful photography. So in early 2017 whilst travelling in India (and battling the wifi!) I created That Festival Life as a place to pour all of my passion and knowledge about festivals.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

& Why Festivals?

If you can’t already tell… I really love festivals. Like I really, really love them. And I don’t discriminate; you’re as likely to find me trying out a workshop at a transformational festival as you are in a mosh pit at a metal festival, dancing at a techno rave or sipping cider at a family folk festival.

I don’t want to go too mushy on you, but there is something really magical about people coming together for a shared experience and that’s why I think festivals are so special for me. 

Creating a festival in the first place is a majestic spectacle of human endeavour and sometimes nothing short of a miracle! Festivals are incredible microcosms of society where anything is possible and ever since I got my first festival job in 2011 I have been fascinated with the people behind them, the creative expression on display at them and the diversity of festival culture around the world.

I went to my first festival back in 2004 and headed to my first Glastonbury aged 17 in 2010; you can catch up on a whole decade of my festival adventures here. My long term goal is to keep ticking more off my festival bucket list and to discover, experience & report on as many around the world as I can!

Want to know where to find me this summer? Head to my Essential Festivals 2021 post! I’ll update it as things change.

Our Values

At That Festival Life we aim to cover festivals for everyone, although we focus on independent events as much as possible.

We are firmly rooted in the traditional values of festival culture. Festivals have been celebrated for centuries and though we’re coming at it from a modern approach, values like sustainability, self-expression, self-reliance and celebration are things that have run through festivals forever. We never want to lose sight of that in a world full of corporate festival brand activations and influencer culture.

It’s not just festivals we talk about on here though. We’re also passionately learning & sharing about how we can lessen our impact on the planet, especially through our wardrobes, so expect ethical fashion and sustainability content here too. As well as this you’ll find travel tips and inspiration (probably tied in with a festival visit too though to be fair!)

I LOVE nothing more than receiving emails from people who have found this blog useful or have more questions! If that’s you then drop me a line on the email below or leave a comment I can’t wait to hear from you…

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