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What can That Festival Life offer you?

That Festival Life is one of the world’s leading festival blogs. But I’m not just a festival blogger, I’m a festival professional with five years of experience as a festivals communications and marketing expert with experience spanning digital strategy, content creation, email marketing, crisis comms and more for some of the leading festivals in the UK and Europe. This means I have a unique insight into both sides of the industry!

I would love to collaborate with more festivals and am able to offer distinctive photography heavy post-festival review/guides, inclusion in our popular festival round-ups as well multimedia social coverage and promotion in the active UK festivals Facebook Group that I co-run. 

I’m also actively looking for collaborations with camping and adventure brands as well as festival fashion and beauty brands. At That Festival Life we tend to feature brands that lean towards being independent, colourful, ethical, quirky or eco-friendly.

Find a selection of some of the festivals I’ve worked with below, either in a comms capacity or as reviewing press:


Festival Clients
Festival Clients

How to Collaborate!

Got an idea for a collaboration for the blog? Get in in touch with us on – we welcome products for review, affiliate collaborations, events to review and opportunities to come up with interesting content together!

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Want to write a guest blog!? We love having a wide array of festival perspectives and expertise the blog – if you’d be interested in writing a guest post or even collaborating on one then please do get in touch, let’s chat! 

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