That Festival Wanderlust: 4 continents, 4 mind blowing festivals you must visit…

16 Apr, 2018 | Festivals, Travel

Welcome to ‘That Festival Wanderlust’ a new series fusing my loves of festivals and travel. With some help from some well travelled guest bloggers and friends we’ll be bringing you an insight into some of the most incredible, must-visit festivals from around the globe…!

Wonderfruit Festival

Asia – Thailand : December

“Wonderfruit Festival inspired by the UK’s Secret Garden Party is a sensory overload. A colour filled, sun drenched festival kaleidoscope where East meets West in terms of music, art, sustainability and fashion. Take part in Wonderfruits community workshops like a sunrise yoga session or learn to build with bamboo, how to upcycle your trash and vermiculture. With immersive art installations, you can sip your strawberry mojito as you treasure hunt through the festivals hand picked designer stalls. Relax in the day under the ribbon tent canopies whilst listening to genres of music you’ve never heard before before gearing up for a crazy night ahead.”

Photographer Nicki is a mate from Bristol who is living her best life digital nomadding in Thailand and beyond! Check out her wonderful blog and portfolio Under a Palm Tree.

Rainbow serpent

Australia – Victoria: January

“Rainbow Serpent Festival; an aggregation of colour, creativity and wondrous smiles. It’s almost impossible to feel sad at any festival, but somehow even more so when you’re barefoot, stamping your feet to the music, in the soft dirt of the Australian bush.

A sense of unity lingers in the air, and that’s one of the aspects really adds that little bit extra to the festival for me, ensuring that I will be returning for a third time, in the future.”

Emma is another pal of mine from Bristol but that I technically met in India! She loves a fezzy and is pretty much permanently off on some adventure somewhere – she’s currently in Australia. Read about her adventures on her blog This Must be the Place.

Wasteland Weekend

North America – USA – California: September

What began as a small Mad Max themed gathering in 2010 has in just seven short years become a ‘bucket list’ festival for petrolheads and fans of anything postapocalyptic- helped along by the huge success of George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Now, around 4000 people drive into the Mojave Desert just outside California City to fight in the Thunderdome, barter goods, watch shows and bands, gamble, and party like it’s the end of the world.

The event is heavily themed with enforced costume guidelines, there is no running water, the nearest hospital is two hours away and desert conditions can be extreme. It is not for the faint-hearted but is an incredible experience if you can handle the heat. I’ve found my family at Wasteland Weekend; people look out for each other, offering incredible generosity and friendship. We’re all a bit crazy but we’re crazy together.

Doesn’t that sound next level mental?! Faith is a pretty rad alternative blogger, check out her blog Life Out There.

Meadows in the Mountains

Europe – Bulgaria: June

Photo of me by Aron Klein – other photos by me at Meadows 2015.

Probably one of the most picturesque festivals on the whole planet, situated on the top of a mountain in rural Bulgaria. I’ve been to this one a handful of times and just wrote my ultimate guide to Meadows in the Mountains – check it out if you’re thinking of going!

Which festivals have you visited around the world? I’d love to hear! Read about some of my festival travel adventures and let me know what you’d add to my around the world festival bucket list!

Festival wanderlust - four must visit international music festivals in four different continents.

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