5 Camping Holidays in the UK – Festival Inspired!

26 May, 2021 | Festivals in the UK

After a summer without festivals, whilst there’s definitely hope on the horizon this year there still remains uncertainty about which festivals will definitely go ahead in 2021. For many (including me!) leaping straight back into the festival melee might not sound that desirable just yet anyway!

So, to scratch that festival itch, here are a selection of 5 amazing festival-esque camping weekends! These events and campsites embrace the midpoint between festival and camping retreat… allowing you a space to relax in the beautiful British countryside with your friends whilst also giving you a bit of that much-missed festival flavour.

camping inspired holiday

It’s the perfect compromise if you’re not quite ready to festival yet, you want to book something that’s definitely not going to get cancelled or if you’ve got a back to back booked up festival season already and you want some wholesome breathing space in between!

Some of your most well-loved festival producers are pivoting into this kind of camping event in 2021 and I’m so interested to see if it’s the kind of thing we could see continuing into the future! These weekends are an especially safe bet as many of them can work on a socially distanced format if the roadmap isn’t rolled out to plan. Personally, I’m really excited for 2021 to be the year of smaller events that get back to the roots of festival culture and focus on those core feelings of connection and being with your pals in a field! Maybe it’s the reset that the UK festival scene really needs?

Festival Inspired Camping Retreats in the UK

Festival inspiration camping holidays

Getting back to Nature at We Are Not a Festival

We are not a festival


With a totally socially distanced model, We are Not a Festival are back after their successful 2020 retreats for a special Summer Solstice weekend – and because they’re already legal, it’s pre 21st June!! You can expect an array of sit down gigs, beautiful spacious campsites in the Sussex countryside and an abundance of creative and wellness workshops.

When is it? 18th- 21st June
Where is it? Pippingford Park, Sussex

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Worthy Pastures

Glastonbury | Worthy Farm

If you can’t bear another year without your annual pilgrimage to Worthy Farm, then Glastonbury Festival has put on a ser of camping weekends just for you. They’re pre-pitched only which brings the price up a bit but there is an array of structures to choose from. When you’re there you can explore iconic permanent spots on site like the Kidz field pink castle, pyramid stage field, stone circle and dragon and more as well as exploring local Somerset attractions too!

When is it? Book 3-5 days camping on weekends across August and the end of July.
Where is it? Worthy Farm of course! The home of Glastonbury festival.

Festival inspired camping holiday

Camp Kin by Shambala Festival

Camp Kin

Shambala | Northampton shire

Following the success of their ‘Carry on Kelmash’ weekends last summer, the masterminds behind Shambala Festival are bringing us Camp Kin; three spacious, family-friendly, creative camping weekends. Unlike the holidays last year, these will have the option for you to bring your own tent or van as well as an expanded programme of activities! I’ve booked the first weekend and I can’t bloody wait.

When is it? 23rd – 26th July, 30th July – 2nd August, and 6th – 9th August
Where is it? Shambala Festival’s ‘secret’ location, Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire

Nesta Camping


Luxury Yurt glamping on an idyllic site in Frome with all of the holistic trimmings, including live music, wood-fired hot tubs, yoga, wellness, workshops and massage. There’s an on-site bistro and cocktail lounge that serves gorgeous local and sustainably sourced food. As well as this there are plenty of facilities and activities for children – making this a perfect holiday destination for all of the family.

“We believe that to recover from the traumatic times of the pandemic, you need to be nourished by nature, holistic therapies, hot relaxing water, good honest food and drinks, soothing tunes, and sleeps under the stars… Our intention is for you to relax deeply into the tranquillity of our comfortable spaces and indulge in the presence of now.”

When is it? 25th June – 31st August
Where is it? Critchill Manor Estate, Frome

Nature Spectacular

Arcadia | Chew Valley

So, not a festival weekend per se but a gorgeous and serene purpose-built, high-end glamping site by Arcadia Spectacular, purveyors of incredible feats of sculpture and fire. This promised to be somewhat quieter than the Arcadia spider in full swing at 2 am though… Guests can stay in gorgeous furnished tipis or uniquely converted trucks with plenty of bespoke Arcadia touches. The group tipi camps can work out as cheap as £15 per person per night (!) and everyone staying at Nature Spectacular has access to the beautiful communal viewing point and shelter

When is it? Book 3-5 days camping on weekends across August and the end of July.
Where is it? Situated on 35 acres of land in the beautiful Chew Valley, with the most glorious views!

Are you planning any camping holidays this summer? Where are you going? Any festival-inspired camping retreats that I’ve missed off my list? Let me know in the comments below!

festival - esque camping retreat ideas


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