Dress Up: Maximalist Outfit Inspo for Wilderness Festival 2021

3 Aug, 2021 | Festival Themes

Clashing patterns, more is more, bold is beautiful and statement everything is the name of the game for Wilderness this year with their overarching fancy dress theme of ‘Maximalism’ for 2021. Think 70’s dinner party meets festival fashun, an absurd amount of layers on the Gucci runway, vibrant prints and bold shapes… I love this as a festival costume theme as it’s pretty far-reaching and open to a lot of interpretation!

Remember when Coco Chanel famously advised, “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”…? Well, forget it! Actually, go on, add another accessory… Dress to excess!

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Maximalism Fancy Dress Inspiration

Maximalist Style Inspiration Fashion Moodboard

From the high fashion runway to Tokyo’s street style and the fields of England – check out the full Pinterest board for all our maximalist styling inspiration and for all the image links and references that are featured on this maximalist fashion moodboard.

Shop Maximalist Outfit Ideas

Here are some places you can get the maximalist look for yourself… The key is variety, so mixing textures, colours, patterns and decades. Shaking up some different silhouettes with plenty of accessories!

Graphical rainbow catsuit for festivals

Magicae Rainbow Frill Catsuit

Be bold in some L.O.M, peruse the whole store and clash some of their distinctive prints for a truly maximalist look!

Embellished maximalist sunglasses

Pica Pica Sunglasses

An opulent bedazzled dream, Pica Pica’s homemade embellished sunglasses are the perfect finish to any maximalist outfit.

Patterned Men's Festival Wear

Ashanti Empress 3 piece

Try some men’s maximalism in Ashanti Empress’ bold patterned pieces.

Feathered festival headpiece

Feather and Thread Headpiece

This opulent creation contains all the colours of the rainbow with a ribbon, pom pom and embroidered trim, an ee-catching festival look!

Face florals festival glitter

Face Florals festival gift pack

Complete with real dried flowers, biodegradable glitter and adhesive – everything you need for a beautiful natural festival look.

Outrageous giant festival headdress

Outrageous Giant Festival Headdress

I think maximalism might be Fumbalina’s middle name – her bespoke headpieces are EVERYTHING.

Maximalist Baroque cross earrings

Giant Baroque Cross Earrings

Nod to the Dolce and Gabana runway with some gigantic diamante costume jewellery baroque earrings.

Festival dressing gown floral jacket

Pattened Kimono Style Jackets

Beautiful cotton tie waist dressing gowns for a slouchy silhouette and an extra colourful layer.

reversible unisex waistcoat

Reversible Unisex Waistcoat

Jackfruit’s staple vibrant Indian print fabrics come in all sorts of unisex styles and can be layered up a treat.

rainbow crochet jacket

Rainbow Crochet Jacket

Explore Chandaka’s traditional granny-square style crochet jackets for a summer of love-esque festival look.

Vintage maximalist dress

60’s Dress

Looking for a bright printed or patterned outfit? Shop vintage darling! 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s style garments will have all the colour and outrageous prints you need.

Y2K festival necklace

Y2k Charm Necklace

A bit more modern than the vintage shops – bring the maximalism style into Y2K by layering up these charm necklaces.

I’m really excited to be heading to Wilderness this weekend as it will be my first time – although I’m not quite sure how I did this many festivals back to back before?!

I still need to download the app and get properly stuck into the programme but I’m most looking forward to the Miss Wilderness fashion show on Sunday at 2.15 pm which is produced and hosted by my fabulous friends The Provibers and promises to be a pure embodiment of maximalist style!

How will you be trying out the maximalist look this festival season? Let me know in the comments and look out for me if you’re heading to Wilderness too! I’d love to see you!

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maximalist outfit inspiration - that festival life

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