Lounging on lawns at Port Eliot Festival ’17

22 Jul, 2018 | Festival Reviews, Festivals in the UK

Another one from last year – just in time for this year’s festival, which is next weekend! Unfortunately I’m probably not going to be there because I’m heading to site to start work on Boomtown already! (where has this year gone??) Buuuut  you will be able to find my Dulcie’s Feathers stall, so if you’re heading do go and say hello – it’s in the Lark’s Haven wellbeing area.

It was my first time at Port Eliot though I’d heard lots about it… I got a lift from Bristol and was planning to meet my mum when i got there but we got lost and I was so late that I missed our hot tub appointment – first world problems eh!

Those Festival Facts

When? Last weekend in July

Where? The very beautiful Port Eliot estate in St Germans, Cornwall – South West of England.

Who? 7000 (predominantly very white upper middle class) people of all ages.

What? LOTS OF ACTIVITIES! “words, music, imagination, ideas, nature, food, fashion, flowers, laughter, exploration, fun and all that is good in the world!” Top tip is to get a programme as soon as you arrive…

Blundstones and Rosa Bloom sequin leggings in the festival mud
My trusty Blundstones & Rosa Blooms in the mud.
Glam mum in a headpiece I made her!

I should preface this ‘review’ by stating that I did not experience much of the festival at all! (mainly my own fault!) After getting there late on Friday the weather was pretty grim until Sunday and a nasty combination of rum cocktails on Friday night might have put me and mother out of action on Saturday… whoops!

It was a real shame because the programme is chockablock – not sure I’ve ever been to a festival of that size that compares to the width and breadth of activities on offer… from music to theatre, debate and arts… cooking, adventures, wild swimming etc etc there was so much to do!

The whole festival is in the grounds of a beautiful big house with gorgeous garden, wooded areas and a viaduct. In terms of the audience it reminded me of Larmer Tree as it is very much the garden chairs and chilled wine crowd… very lovely, but not very diverse!

Wardrobe department

Joh, Amy & Caro, my Fashpack family who were there moonlighting in the cocktail caravan!

This was the area I was most excited about – where else do you get the chance to hear talks from world class designers and plonk yourself in a front row seat next to Suzie bloody Bubble!? Missed half the stuff I wanted to see including Ashish and Tim Walker (!?) but I did catch milliner Stephen Jones by accident! 

anthropologie tent

How lush is the Anthropologie yurt?! And how much to the girls co-ordinate with it! I stayed there in the afternoon to a a little craft workshop run by Uzma Bozai –  I chose a couple of bits to decorate my beautiful Butchi and Gosmos bag – made lovingly by Joh photographed above!

Cider & Sunshine

Dulcie’s feathers silk jumpsuit… find them on the shop now!

We were so lucky to just about have a sunny afternoon on Sunday with not too much mud! Special shouts to the amaaaazing chilli and lime cider.


If you’re heading this year – have fun! (I’m only a tiny bit jealous!). Lark’s Haven where my stall is going to be is the wellbeing area and has everything from hot tubs to workshops, speakers and therapies. Come say hello! The fashion area has had a revamp and has all sorts of amazing things on including a Fashion Revolution panel and makers workshops with Boss Morris (yes Lily!!) AND…. Jimothy Lacoste is playing on Friday night (!?) talk about an eclectic weekend!

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