Going Cuckoo at Shambala Festival ’17

11 Sep, 2017 | Festival Reviews, Festivals in the UK

Best Shambala ever‘ was cried by many that weekend! Although I swear that happens every year – it truly was a stonker of a year with incredible weather and lovely vibes.

Shambala is festival season’s best-kept secret – I almost don’t want to shout about it as it sells out every year and is pretty much the perfect small festival. It was my 4th year in the Fashpack (where has the time gone?!) selling my silky wares and headpieces and face painting alongside some other wonderful creatives.

Festival crew building a stall at Shambala
Baby Betty helping out with the decor

Those Festival Facts

Where? A beautiful ‘secret’ location in Northamptonshire
Who? 10,000 wonderful colourful people of all ages
When? Bank Holiday weekend in August

Fruity Friday was, as ever, a spectacular gender-bending show of wonder and the carnival theme this year was my favourite; ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ (here was my costume inspiration post!). Shambalans really know how to do fancy dress! I was underprepared as usual but managed to fashion a light-up cloud headpiece… make sure you get to the end of the photos to see people’s amazing costumes.

Shambala Festival 2017 in Photos

Festival decor crew Shambala
Putting together the ‘L O V E’ sign
Betty in Gold
Beth in face-paint by me, vintage sequins & a custom Kokomo laser cut necklace
festival portrait headpiece
Gorgeous Lizzie in a headpiece she made!
Glitter beards!

Me and gorgeous Caro! I’m wearing Fat Pom Poms hoops, she’s in a Zedhead headpiece.

Festival stall A board with flowers inspo
All the sellers in The Fashpack!
Amy, Max, Me & Lucie

Get Fruity on Friday!

Kissing Booth at Shambala Festival
Me & Luce! I’m wearing OOTO sequin jacket, vintage playsuit, Fat Pom Poms earrings. Lucie’s in MadWag trousers, Paragon Daze headpiece & cape by her; Capes Capes Capes
Ruby is an absolute icon. She’s wearing a headpiece she made and Rosa Bloom leggings!
Bought this flipping incredible original 80s bodysuit that i think might have been made for me… wore it with a tache most of the day a kind of Mrs Motivator!
Strong lewks from Jaz & Beth

Cloud cuckoo land is a state of absurdly, over-optimistic fantasy & an unrealistically idealistic state where everything is perfect. Someone who is said to “live in cloud cuckoo land” is a person who thinks that things that are completely impossible might happen…”

Absolute Cloud Cuckoo goals from Costume queen – Rebecca is such a talented MUA!
A saccharine dream.
In a literal cloud <3
Chez and I made these cloud headpieces! They lit up in the dark too
This creepy teddy bear chair had a button on the wall that you could make it vibrate with!
Isn’t she loooovely! Headpiece from Zedhead.

This family were absolute goals, how incredible are those costumes? Just wow!!

Sarah, Zoe & Caro!
I’m wearing an old collection OOTO sequin jacket, Indian silk kimono, old shorts & Lady Jane Sequins bra top with my trusty Blundstone boots.
Festival clothing stall deisgn
The Fashpack at night.

Catch up on some more of the festivals I’ve adventured to and perhaps you’ll discover some new ones to visit too!


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