Guest Post: 16 Ethical Festival Beauty Essentials

28 Sep, 2017 | Festival Beauty, Style

This is the first guest post on That Festival Life and the first of many ethical and sustainability themed posts that will be coming in the future. I feel strongly that this is such an important topic that goes hand in hand with festivals… but more about this in the future! For this post my friend, ethical beauty blogger, Ailsa from Frosted Feather has tackled the subject of ethical festival beauty and pulled together a round-up of handy ethical festival beauty essentials.  

ethical festival beauty, eco-friendly cosmetics for festivals, face-painting, Port Eliot forest
Me at Port Eliot… post coming soon!
We’ve all been there. It’s Monday morning. It is probably raining, despite the glorious haze of sunshine that has surrounded you for the last three days… You’re cold because you and your five other friends crammed yourself into a three-man tent and you seem to find yourself in that one patch that isn’t supported by an airbed, next to the unopened humus, some crushed crisps and the loo roll.  What you haven’t eaten, you have probably made up for with the booze you have consumed. What glitter you have left, seems to have migrated and dispersed to cover your whole face, hair, and some other innocent bystanders.
…And then you emerge from the tent, to see the devastation of thousands of other people who have had an extremely similar weekend to you and are having an almost identical morning.

When you leave a festival it is hard not to be disgusted at the state of your body let alone the state of the site you have left behind. At least you have the magical, sparkly memories of great music, loving pals and a genuinely awesome atmosphere. All the festival site has left is to deal with the aftermath of tens of thousands of people partying for four days.

“When you leave a festival it is hard not to be disgusted at the state of your body let alone the state of the site you have left behind.”

However, festivals have not left their roots in the environmentalism movement of the sixties behind. Festivals are stepping up their game. An amazing example is Shambala – the festival has reduced the onsite carbon footprint by 81% over 5 years, it is now 100% renewably powered and since 2016, the festival has been meat and fish free. The festival goers get involved too by purchasing handy little cups that they reuse throughout the festival for drinks. These recycled cups are an example of the powerful impact of everyone collectively making one small change resulting in a huge positive impact.

ethical festival beauty, eco-friendly cosmetics for festivals, face-painting, Port Eliot forest
Lovely Amy being super green at Port Eliot festival

So, to encourage a more ethical festival going mentality, Dulcie and I thought we could help you to at least make ethical choices when you purchase your beauty essentials ahead of your next festival.

But what does ethical really mean…?

It can be hard to decipher what ethical means and what that means for the environmental impact of that product. Ethical is a broad term but it can be simplified into these categories and we have clearly labelled which category each product falls into:

  • Natural: skincare and beauty products free from artificial ingredients
  • Cruelty-free: skincare and beauty products that are not tested on animals
  • Vegan: skincare and make-up products that do not contain animal products
  • Biodegradable: products that are less harmful to the environment when they are disposed of
  • Recycled: products that use recycled fabrics to minimise the environmentally harmful factory processes involved with producing fabrics

This is our ultimate eco-friendly, kind to animals, ethical festival beauty packing list…

Stuff to freshen you up!

ethical festival beauty, eco-friendly cosmetics for festivals, ecodenta mouthwash
Minty fresh

Stuff to make you look great
(despite 3 days…and counting… of partying!)

ethical festival beauty, eco-friendly cosmetics for festivals, ethical sun-cream insect repellent
2 in 1!

Stuff to make you sparkle!

biodegradable festival glitter, chunky biodegradable glitter, eco-glitter, MGMA glitter, ethical festival beauty, eco-friendly cosmetics for festivals
MGMA glitter + even biodegradable packaging
  • MGMA Glitter – Biodegradable, vegan. (Note from Dulcie: I’ve started to use this when I’m doing professional face-painting and its the BEST so much softer than traditional cosmetic glitter and slides on a treat, my favourite is the large gold!)
  • Coconut oil – To stick it on.
  • Barry M dazzle dust –Vegan and cruelty-free

& a bit more ethical festival beauty stuff!

Has Ailsa’s post on ethical festival beauty inspired you? What would you add to the list? Make sure you check out her blog! Here’s a bit more further reading I’ve picked out… 

ethical festival beauty, eco-friendly cosmetics for festivals, eco-friendly face-painting, Kaleidoscope Klub, Secret Garden Party
Terri of Kaleidoscope Klub painting at Secret Garden Party this year

Words by Ailsa Burns, additional words and photos by Dulcie Horn.

The ultimate guide to cruelty-free, eco-friendly & ethical festival beauty... without compromising on glitter & sparkles (strictly biodegradable of course!)


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