The Sparkliest & Spookiest Halloween Glitter Make-up

24 Oct, 2017 | Festival Beauty, Style

Halloween doesn’t have to be all blood, gore and peeling skin… I’ve compiled this selection of my favourite sparkly Halloween glitter make-up inspiration into four different amazing looks.

Credits and links for each image are below and go in a clockwise direction – be sure to click to see more work by these amazing make-up artists!

Best halloween glitter inspiration…

Spooky Skulls

Glitter Sequin Gem, Day of the dead Candy Skull Halloween inspiration

Vanessa Davis | Kaneshia Shana | Stefanija Makeup | Simple SymphonyIn Your Dreams | _tk_x

From a futuristic neon angle to minimalist Day of the Dead styles – these modern takes are as beautiful as they are creepy.

I love this quick video tutorial by Thrills of Tomorrow:


A post shared by Mia Kennington (@thrillsoftomorrow) on

Top tips: Use thin watercolour brushes with black and white paint to create detailing and use large gems for extra depth.

Creepy Clowns

Halloween glitter clown inspiration

Festival Faces Group | Unknown | In Your Dreams | Alexis Kaymor | In Your Dreams | Erika Marie

From a gothic look to OTT bright primary colours these creepy clown ideas can be as simple and quick as you choose.

Top tips: Extend the lips out joker style with lipliner or paint and use a multi-coloured halloween glitter mix on the face.

Read more glitter and make-up posts on That Festival Life here.

Monstrous Mermaids

Creepy halloween sparkly glitter mermaid face-paint makeup inspiration costume

Vanessa Davis | Vlada MUA | Unknown | Perrie Edwards | Unknown | Lady Photo | Alyssa Marie

Get your scary siren on with a deep sea creature vibe using dark blues, greens and teal.

Top tips: Use fish nets with face paints and a sponge to create the scale effect and plenty of iridescent sparkles.

Witching Hour

Halloween red and black glitter sparkle scary halloween witch pumpkin fortune teller costume make-up inspiration

Shine Shack | Glitter Palace | Festival Faces GroupFestival Face | Erika Marie

Very dark and creepy, I love these assorted faces from mystic witches and scary pumpkins to fortune tellers.

Top tips: Smoky eyes,  and gold flake glitter.

Which look is your favourite? What are you going to try out this Halloween?

Check out this lush video from my girls at Wild Thing & Shine Shack if you want some festival-esque halloween outfit inspiration too…

Film by the talented Farelight Productions.

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