Love Games at Love Saves the Day ’18

23 Jun, 2018 | Festival Reviews, Festivals in the UK

Love Saves the Day festival helter skelter sequin style

Welcome to the official opening of festival season… Love Saves the Day in Bristol! Once again my favourite local hero didn’t disappoint…

Favourite outfit ever… spangletastic Rosa Bloom playsuit I got in their sale, new Dulcie’s Feathers kimono, double Butchi & Gosmos bumbag (business init) and these INCREDIBLE custom earrings from a brand I have recently fallen in love with Dakota Rae Dust earrings in my fave colour scheme, PORANGE!

Those festival Facts

What? Love Saves the Day!
Where? Eastville Park in Bristol – super easy to get to from the centre.
When? Saturday & Sunday of the last bank holiday weekend in May…

why you playing your love games?

Sign by my love Anna Higgie – excuse the Monday morning pic!

I was back selling my clothes (new collection oh so soon!) and face painting in The Fashpack… this year we were in the all new Love Games area alongside a load of fun attractions like silly country games, the inflatable church and Twisted Theatre’s hidden ball pit!

Dream babe Joh in her Pica Pica sequin head wrap!
Tug of war!
Inflatable Church Love Saves the Day
Melling being a rogue bridesmaid at the Inflatable Church

Bristol Summer vibes

Though I was working pretty solidly I did get a few hours off over the weekend to explore! As always there had been a refresh of a lot of stages and slightly new layout to explore with a big shiny new centre stage taking place of the Arcadia afterburner.

Other highlights include eating some flipping incredible Malaysian laksa, getting my sweaty roller disco on at the BUMP disco, watching dreamy dreamboat Tom Misch and of course some after hours ball pit action…

The beautiful Shambarber stage has had a makeover
So has the moved Brouhaha stage!
Betty serving up some delicious cocktails from the caravan
Werk werk werk
Dreamy Lost Gardens

Stylish sparkly sistas

And what they all wore to Love Saves the Day 2018!

You can see me alongside some more spangly sartorial delights in Emma’s LSTD round up for Bristol247.

My babe and colleague for the weekend Jaz in a new Dulcie’s Feathers kimono…

easy tiger pink sequin outfit
Stunning Saf in head to toe Shop Easy Tiger

The dream duo Ruby & Lizzy with Joh in their Butchi & Gosmos bumbags (which Joh made!) Ruby also wears a Manners LDN jumpsuit… remember it from this post?

Mega babes from Kiss My Disco!

Silk bloomer two piece
Angel Marianna working and werkin in the first sold Dulcie’s Feathers bloomer two piece eeek!
Ooooh Tammerz lookin like an under cover celeb…
Fruity tuti Lizzie… with other Lizzy looking concerned in the background!
Me and my girl Jess twinning at our fifth Love Saves the Day – so obsessed with these Dakota Rae Dust earrings still! <3

Life’s better in a ball pit with two litres of bloody Mary…

You can read about LSTD 2017 here. I’m very excited that this isn’t the last of my Team Love action this year though as I’m heading off to Croatia for my first time at Love International later in June! Eeee!

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    What some might see as a dream festival is a nightmare for others.

    Festivals running over 3 days is Too loud and Too long!
    Local fields or campsite festivals are allowed to increase and continue despite the concerns and the fears of many neighbouring residents for miles around who dread the events in July and August. Spoiling their summer.
    The organisers may offer free or subsidised tickets for immediate neighbours who many don’t even want to attend and, leaving residents and home owners, feeling intimidated and forced to go away and leave their own homes for the weekend.

    Owners and organisers are uncaring and insensitive to the affect it has on locals for miles radius.

    Neighbours and home owners are frightened to complain as many have heard the owners or police dont do anything and because they are in fear of reprisals from the owners.

    Some of the serious concerns of those who live within a few miles from the site is music, oversized speakers, overall noise and potential for drug and alcohol misuse. In addition they have to stay indoors with their own windows shut day and night during a hot summer making it very hot and uncomfortable in their own homes.

    When the sound of music coming into our homes and gardens is loud, invasive and uncontrollable, it ceases to be music and becomes noise pollution. When the music goes on for most of the day and night, for 3 days solid, including Sunday! and on until at least 2/3am, the next morning, and it can’t be turned down or off, it certainly isn’t a dream, it’s a nightmare. Even Glastonbury is every other year and music finishes by 11.30pm.

    Most of the longtime residents and retirees chose to live in a particular area surrounding a site because of it’s quiet, rural charm and have done so for years, in some cases most of their lives.
    They expected that this lifestyle choice would be protected by police, community plans and caring and respectful politicians, and Government policy.

    Not so. So now our summers will experience noise pollution from events such as the Festivals.

    The police, government and authorities should not ignore the festival noise pollution and it’s affect on people but measure the site noise with an appropriate environmental health monitor constantly over the 3 day period, and enforce the site to legally water down the sound impact on area residents so that they too can enjoy the quality of life they have chosen and make sure the music finishes by 11pm.

    In recent years the police and council and government allowed the site to make as much noise as they liked going through to 2/3 am.
    So now many residents can expect to be affected by the festival’s racket once again with surrounding area saying they can hear the booming of the bass, shouting by the dj and music for miles radius.

    In addition, the noise level and its radius will undoubtedly affect many people and their pets, along with domestic and wild animals.
    The latter who need quiet to hear predators!

    So what to do when our governing bodies turn their collective backs on us and embrace the one per cent bound and determined to inflict this business model on us? We can sell and move, as is already occurring among homeowners who have done their homework concerning these obscenely noisy events.
    That’s If anyone will buy your house if it is known you are in a festival zone! So your house won’t sell it the price drops.

    If we are loath to sell our homes, we can buy industrial-strength earmuffs and ear plugs to stay sane. We can vacate our homes for the duration of these noise-fests as a cost to us, but we shouldn’t have to.

    We can write letters in the hope of educating those who don’t have access to the Internet and haven’t been able to research the problems these events commonly create. We can identify businesses that have remained neutral and we can opt to support them.
    When we can’t sleep, we can phone our elected officials, and be ignored, who supported this nightmare (but not on their doorstep or won’t be affected by the noise pollution as not in the zone).

    However, perhaps the bigger question is should we have to adopt any of these strategies to survive what I consider to be wilful blindness on the part of those we elect. I was under the misguided belief they were elected to protect our environment and those who live here.

    Festivals are part of a living nightmare brought about by uncaring councils and politicians who have not enforced noise pollution law and who have embraced this noise-dependent business model at the expense of people, the environment and all animals who reside here.I

    Fair enough, let festival lovers enjoy their weekend and line the pockets of the campsite or field owners, but not at the expense of others and council authorities should have a legal obligation to apply reasonable and appropriate noise decibels and time limitation rules.
    If I can hear a festival, clearly, obscenely loud in neighbouring gardens from 3+ miles away then it doesn’t need to be that loud in any given campsite or field.

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