That Thing’s Festival Fashion Edition & a Dream Raincoat Discovery

14 May, 2019 | Bristol, Festival Style, Style

Somehow it is that time of year again… The annual pre-season festival fashion event at my lovely local shop (and stockists of my brand!) That Thing! Here I am, looking infinitely dorkier than this time last year but ohhh wow am I gonna be DRY this summer! I actually haven’t owned a raincoat for a few years, which is pretty ridiculous considering the amount of time I spend in a field in the summertime and the average British summer weather…

I’ve never been a massive raincoat fan, preferring to foolishly brave the sogginess in a fur coat BUT when I discovered these little babies by Carny Valley, I had to have one. They are somewhere floating between a coat, a poncho and a cape and also make me look like a smol cupcake, but most importantly they are beautifully handmade to last from natural materials in the UK. PLUS, an absolute bonus (and maybe the main selling point for me) they have a S-shaped carabiner thingy-ma-jig attached to them, with which you can fold up the coat and attach it to your bumbag/belt/ whatever when the unreliable English sun inevitably makes a surprise appearance!

Other new independent designers featured in That Thing’s annual festivities were crazy prints from Balulu, handmade jumpsuits from Bang Bang Crash, lycra galore from Kiss My Disco, striking earrings from Dakota Rae Dust and sequin and pom pom adorned pieces from Sophie Kitten Clothing,

Cast your eye back over the last few years of That Thing’s festival edition or visit them in store on Stokes Croft in Bristol or on their online shop.

Shop small, shop local, shop independent! Shop less & shop to last ♥

Sophie of Sophie Kitten Clothing & A-Lo of Fantale Fans
She’s got so many looks!
Delicious neon wares
My gal! The boss Joh in my fave DakotaRaeDust earrings and sparkly mermaid Pica Pica headwrap.
Fashion Revolution ‘Who Made My Clothes?’ wall championing all the independent designers in the shop, squint real close and you might spot a leeetle me!
A-Lo in her sparkly Pica Pica head scarf.


  1. Cat

    You look like THE MOST adorable smol cupcake I have ever seen ? That HOOD ON YOU. OOOH.

    P. S. Leopard bottoms 4 eva.

  2. simran

    Thanks for information.i really like your blog and information keep it up and i m also waiting for your next blog …… tsechus festival


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